For me it's gotta be the Aerotrain (GM EMD LWT12) and southwest egg rolls. It's a retro classic locomotive with a modern classic app - something you might not have expected about me given my disdain for diesel engines.

But here's the thing, the LWT12 was a diesel-electric hybrid, pretty forward thinking for 1950s America. Probably too forward as well, only 3 ever came off the assembly line.

To me the pairing works because southwest egg rolls easily could have met the same fate. Chili's was likewise ahead of it's time but the free wheeling 70s were in full swing and people were ready to accept this daring new take on a comfort classic.

Well I gotta throw London Underground 1995 Tube Stock, manufactured by GEC Alsthom, into the ring, if anything for its selective door opening capability, unique amongst the deep-level rolling stock in the system.

At Camden Town, Charing Cross, Clapham Common, et al, the platforms aren't long enough to accommodate all train carriages, so the train is programmed to automatically disable rear door openings at these stations. Pretty adaptable and user-friendly.

Kind of like P.F. Chang's Cauliflower Tempura, which satisfies everyone from vegans to carnivores with its spicy kick and crispy texture. Easy to share, so why not order two? You know I do. Motherfuckers.

It's gotta be the Amtrak passenger train for me. It's a practical locomotive, not tons of frills but simple touches like a sight seeing cart with a glass roof make that 8 hour trip to Chicago a little more tolerable. It's not as fast as taking a plane and usually the same amount of travel time as driving but this way you can get drunk without worrying about getting arrested. That extra leg room and a lower level seat definitely make you feel a little more refined. You know you're going to get a decent train ride for a cheap price.

That's why I'm pairing this train with an order of mozzarella sticks from a local restaurant. You aren't at the aforementioned Chili's or Applebees, so you're probably feeling pretty good about yourself, maybe one of those members of the elite liberal media. Mozzarella sticks are typically a very affordable appetizer option, much like taking an Amtrak. Fun fact: the "Am" in Amtrak is for American. I don't know about you guys, but I know a restaurant isn't truly American if it doesn't offer Mozzarella Sticks. You could try something nicer, but why? Mozzarella Sticks get the job done and you know exactly what you're getting into when you get them.

My choice would be the lovely train I take every day of my miserable life, the very same one that Colin Ferguson put on the map in 1993 by killing 6 and wounding 19 via nonchalant gunfire up and down the aisles of cars 9891 and 9892... which are still in service to this day! Always a treat to see them.

The M1/M3 were put into service before I was born and are still breaking down at Jamaica station to this day! Why only last month the car behind mine caught on fire because some shit was dragging under it!

The perfect pairing for the discerning traveler's palate:
never really "got" craig ferguson
MAYES can you hook me up with some bulleit samples bro
The Northern Explorer's ten and a half hour trip takes you through the lovely mountain country of the Central Plateau (???), stopping at Ohakune (???) and National Park (???). Cross river gorges, journey through native forests and lush farmland, and experience the famous Raurimu Spiral (???). The new air-conditioned carriages feature oversized side windows combined with unique skylight roof windows and an outside viewing car where nothing gets between you and the great outdoors, but to be honest it's mostly just a bunch of dumb birds.

A good appetizer pairing with this train has to be the Bloomin' Onion. It just has to be. Eat it with your hands, even though it's greasy as fuck, and share with the whole and/or people you just met. Why not order two, and then you can take your actual meal home for lunch tomorrow? If it's good enough for the Outback, it's good enough for you, New Zealand.
Anthony you posted a picture of something called Bloomin' Onion Bread and I think you did this on purpose to troll us but it's really bothering me, can you fix this please
Anthony pl
am plam plam plam that's the sound of m
I'd tap that bloomin' onion bread tho
I dunno. I'm very confused by it. Is the bread latticed above a filling of (what looks like) spring onions and possibly cheese? Or are crevices sliced into the bread and then chopped spring onions are inlaid into it? Is the bread freshly baked? Is it hollowed? Anthony what the fuck man
shut up paul you know you want it
yeah jesus christ paul stfu
paul here's farah's recipe that took like 0.0001s of googling
never mind I only use recipes by farrah abraham, commonly known for her appearance on Teen Mom and also for selling a sex toy molded to match her vagina

guess it's the right Farrah, my apologies

now THAT'S a bloomin' onion
bloomin onion
joey please update my photo
joey please update my profile photo to anything other than juan pierre sliding inside of a dog's eye
guys let's all just chill out and maybe head down to THREEFORTY for a few bloomin o
really wish paul would heed the advice from this thread
and eat a train

dumb question, but are these my new potato friends?
thanks! joey, please close this thread.
on second thought, let's keep this thread open in case anyone wants to discuss this further.
Thanks Anthony, if anyone else would like to contribute to this thread please feel free
ok it looks like this thread has reached its conclusion

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