F&F ladies

Michelle Rodriguez is, fittingly, furious with The Fast and the Furious franchise for not giving enough opportunities to women.

idk if this is what family would do to one another, i think letty just needs a cold corona
i don't know what she's talking about, F&F has always given its female characters plenty of time to shine! good examples:

* in F1 jordanna brewster makes tuna sandwiches that everyone agrees are disgusting
* in 2 Fast that one chick is an undercover cop but still super hot and the asian chick has a cool pink car
* in tokyo drift that one chick IMs with bama_boy
* FACT: gal gadot is in some of these films and she is wonder woman
* MANY examples of women empowered to start races via flag waving
* the hacker is a girl
* in F8 Dom's baby momma gives a very strong performance being held hostage and then shot in the head
guys let's talk about DOM
i second paul, joey has proven letty's allegations are baseless. i'm more concerned she's going to act like this franchise can really go much further without brian
man where is sergey brin when we need someone to explain the Document Object Model
You can go ahead and close this one too Jopy
Nothing more to see here
Just a lonely old stoner swaying in the Bermuda breeze
wagging his pickle at coeds
he was known to say
so popular was the phrase HAY LADY HOW U
that they made it an accredited University back in the states
now my nephew is graduating from HAY LADY HOW U
one day he'll be a lonely old stoner swaying in the Bermuda Breeze
But it'll prolly just be a simulcation in his flixcave
kids these days

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