Hey dudes! Summer is just around the corner! Anyone got any rad plans? I'm going to:

• Drink more scotch than ever before

• Bake and sweat in the heat

• Go to Montreal and maybe Japan

• Fuck a pizza (this year i'll do it!)

• Limp around the scorching city

• Br
illy Drumps
Fulfilling a lifelong dream and taking the whole family to the Real Doll factory
That reminds me Jarf you still havent sent me pictures of your face from 12 different angles
Just want to clarify I don't need Jarf's face for the Real Doll
The Real Doll looks like Paul's doppleganger
whoisthisdoll dot c
oh you know,
fuck a pizza
i'm gonna take it easy tbh
Spending the summer at my boss's beach house
[record scratch] Oh shit he died but no one can tell the difference what do I do?
Fuck a pizza
- rob a B-Dubs
- pi๑ata
- stop being a little bitch
- survive another shit ass humidity NC death march fuuuuuuuck
You're from Texas fuck off

Stop being a little b redirects to ???
twin cities, weird ass wisconsin museum, polish disney (Wisconsin Dells), actual disney/universal, key west & miami

and no more preschool so we can afford the above so really I'll mostly be arguing with a 5 year old about when to watch lego ninjago & go to the pool
I have fond memories of the Wisconsin Dells from my childhood but I bet it's actually very shitty
eat a lot of food

go to the Bahamas

celebrate this wretched existence
Murder Billy Dumps in cold blood
what are my summer plans? that's a great question lol. still working on those lol
but seriously i think i'm just gonna eat a bunch, hang out with new baby nephew, go to san juan island, take it easy tbh, and maybe fuck a pizza.
damn just learned there's a F&F ride at universal hosted by Dom
literally no excuse for me not riding that ride already
So do you like, fold it over
calzone might make more sense tbh

no calzones
Probably gonna fuck a calzone until the police pick me up for murdering Billy Dumps
"Murdering Billy Dumps" -- new cool way to say you're taking a shit
Gonna listen to some records and get some rad surgery
pretty uneventful summer for me so far. having some del taco now.
I predict Anthony is going to be murdering billy dumps all night
Taking Jules to the finest gentlemen's club in all of Wisconsin

none of the women working there seem to be overweight i'm conf
a pizza bagel could work pretty well (i imagine)
it doesn

oh yeah
it's hot out
pretty pleasant right now in southern california
can i have one
sorry bud

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