I am way too hungover to do th
what kind of cookies, paul?
Anthony these were the cookies

those look like bullshit cookies no offense my man
i prefer a soft cookie, but i would also eat these
trust me guys these are good cookies lol
Lots of baskets
burton v. mad right now
I mean he's been mad for like 90% of this KU game but increasingly so these last 5 minutes
brooks does seem like a total dick tho
Wish I had more of those cookies
paul based on the pics it's for the best I think
i enjoyed watching the elite 8 games and i did not have any more of those cookies
anyone else have anything to add?
in summation those cookies don't look very good but I would give them a shot
How soft are they on the inside? I think crispy outer but soft inner is best cookie. Fully soft is real close behind
They are fully crispy like over cooked but not burnt. But then when you hit a chocolate chip, those are soft


just a heads up guys that i've pressed charges against paul for assault using words on the internet. please direct all inquiries to my lawyer steve harvey. he's our lawyer, right?
those cookies do look good, but i gotta agree with emz that i prefer at least a soft inner. but again please refer all inquiries to my lawyer steve Harvey.
I'd like to formally challenge the "deeply delicious" claim on the front of the package please refer all inquires to my lawyer Steve Harvey
omg get a load of these snowflakes, maybe paul should have given a trigger warning. go back to your safe space, cucks! #MAGA
also those cookies are garbage and my attorney STEVE HARVEY, ESQ. will be in touch regarding some non-cookie issues
Paul is it true that your girl scout cookie of choice is the trefoil
I wouldn't have believed it before, but now
i like trefoils yes

i prefer thin mints
one day you will all taste those cookies and i will be vindicated. until then, i accept i will be persecuted
it wouldn't be the first time
take BRIANS DOG for example
you should have seen the way it looked at MAYES
them's cookies good
jarf knows the score!
YO TS, looks like it's down to you and me
No one is less deserving of the final two than I am, but I keep finding myself there
I'd shit talk Gonzaga but I know nothing about basketball, so surely the mascot is stupid

not gonna lie, my bracket was also just random guesses
who has the basketb
i watched a little bit of a russian stream of the BIG GAME, but then we switched to jeopardy
not looking good for my zags
The game's over but I think Gonzaga still has a shot
congrats emz and now also joey

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