Sup bros

Mike Brey always looks like he just hauled ass from closing a nightclub outside of Jacksonville to make it to the game.

But I'm hoping ND beats WVU and their coach who just wants Pee Wee's bicycle so bad
Should be some sick MADNESS today bros
Colson needs to go off today
well this is straight ugly already
guys i have some bad news about my br
wally szczerbiak looks like a 1960s comic book villian
welp see ya nd
WOW this basketball am I right guys 🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀
text to Paul Nire

Paul I've got a serious case of MARCH MADNESS and I'm ready to root for the CAROLINA TAR HEELS
razorbacks look like SHIT
heels dropping back to back bombs from downtown, the crowd at TOP OF THE HILL must be going crazy right now
8-0 heels
where is the CHINESE FOOD i ordered
live blogging while holding babby
Why do my children scream so m
Siri why do m
you can tell this Busch guy is racially cool because a black guy was within 10 feet of him at one point of his immigrant journey
Where are you guys I don't know anything about baske
DIE HARD HEELS FAN here, man when I sit back and think about all the great players we have had like MICHAEL JORDAN it really makes you ap
for real though Arkansas is a garbage state and BILL CLINTON obviously perjured hims
Jesus Christ F8 looks so sick
guys we have a month, who is coming to NC for opening night
joey i'll be there bro*

*i won't be th
guys just sitting back watching some MARCH MADNESS and eating a sandwich
God mini corn tastes like straight up mop water, gtfo of my lo mein
does anyone have any questions about the s
joey i'm not one to judge but kettle corn in lo mein sounds horrible
joey pass me some SPRING ROLLS bro
Arkansas getting back into it before halftime, great game, my children are monsters
come on TUM TUM NAIRN you can beat kansas
huge fan of whatever team TUM TUM NAIRN is on
U of Edmonton Ranch Hands
i dunno why that stupid apple stickers ad makes me so mad but it does
HALFTIME SHOW: my kids dancing to JUST DANCE dubstep videos on YouTube
prob just because i'm a miserable old bastard but whatevs
^^^^^^^^^^ def
joey really glad you're getting the kids into dub, light a spliff and throw on some LEE SCRATCH PERRY
man this kansas game is intense
bruton pants shitting level: 10
Paul we set up our own ROLAND RE-201 SPACE ECHO here in the living room shit is getting real
joey that's fine have some ROLD GOLD pretzels and take a breather but then let's hear some dub tunes bro
Charlie just ripped off his shirt and said it was time to CRUSH DI ROAD so I guess we are going to get ready for bed
this sandwich isn't sitting right
a little COOL BLUE gatorade i found in the fridge when i moved in here will put out that fire
well so long tum tum nairn
jesus kansas' speed is disgusting
Yeah it's crazy how a bad sandwich can really throw your TUM TUM NAIRN for a loop
so kansas playing like a national championship team but... that TCU loss.

UNC up 46-45 man this got close
Carolina just giving the ball away wtf
these guys are not playing like those classic UNC teams led by legends like MICHAEL JORDAN
i feel bad for arkansas. some really questionable officiating in that last two minutes, too. but my BRACKET IS STILL INTACT OH YEAH
and let me tell you, that's the last time i make my famous CRISCO AND WESSON sandwiches!
march madn
uh oh Paul's not g
Ball should be the #1 pick. This kid is so fucking good.
huge fan of basketball
has anyone heard from Paul today
guys I heard from Paul he's ok (for Paul)
Ok I was really high earlier. Fultz should be #1 but Lonzo is really good.

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