THE Official Omgtru NCAA Tourney 2017 Liveblog featuring Scrungus

Working during the tourney this year, so not as many updates as I'd like but let's get physical!
Scrungus will be along shortly.
i'm a bit of a basketball buff so this tournament is very exciting for me
Scrungus on the way
So close
I got ND in the Final Four, no presh dudes
I think Princeton blows. Hope I'm right.
So many missed shots.

ND strikes first. Love this team.
God, the passing is so effective on Mike Bray teams. WHERE IS PAUL?!
Dame's D looking good early.
who is scr
Who is scrungus is the wrong question
Dame's D is overplaying for steals and blocks and paying for it now. Ugh.

Dame looks better than P town but P town hitting dem treeeeees
I have no interest in UVA today. Boring ass ball. This Dame game is god.
Dissapointed in scrubgus for no showing us thus far.
Dame's best player is ice-cold and they are up 6. I feel good there.
W whipping that ass. Good.
I picked UVA because as good as W is, UVA has a ton of dudes that can play. W has 3. It's a shame, but they just ain't got the horses.
Proud of those dudes tho. Come out in the second half and keep hoisting.

Dame looking goooooood.
Shaok should have been running this uva team this year but "loyalty" or whatever says Perrantes has to jack a hundred contested shots with 3 on the shot clock. Let em play, Tony.
God, the charge is such a flawed concept.

Fried chicken was a bad look for my tummy.
Winthrop has still never won a tourney game but people pick them every year. Nah.
Im good on the dude from the tech HBO show doing more stupid tech shit on my screens now.
UNCW starts 2-2, that's fun.
Colson has been bad all game at the rim or Dame would be up 20. As it is, Princeton hanging around. And they are missing free throws as the #1 NCAA shooting team. Goddamnit.
where the fuck is winthrop, sounds stupid
ND only won by 2, as a basketball expert i can say that is not a lot of points
Damn, ND. You let them win and they still lost. I'll take it! Perfect thus far...
Joey, I think Winthrop is in SC which makes it a school for jerks and morons.
oh yeah fuck that
Shayock carried UVA and should the rest of the tourney if they wanna win. Huge game. Too bad, W. Y'all played your hearts out.
Scrungus says he'll be here for the Scrungus Tech game.
Bucknell balling early. Hell yes, scoring. I missed scoring.
Holy shit, that got ugly quick Bucknell. WVU good.
Meanwhile Gonzaga is back on tzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...
The live action Beauty and the Beast looks stupid. Fight me, you pieces of shit.
I renounce bats.
Bucknell sucks. UNCG should have been in this tourney.
ETSU finishes at the rim so well. 100% why I picked them. Plus the SEC trash.
Maybe it is wishful thinking but Florida looks tired.
Man, can't wait to start my Playstation Vue trial, dudes.
Just started my Vue trial, dudes.
Really wish I had After Effects skills so I could turn that into a pie.
I wish you did too.
Bucknell has been up and down but they will not die. Awesome day of ball today. Just superb.
Get em MTSU
that is the greatest basketball gif of all time
and i have seen like 6 basketball gifs
Every year, WVU plays in their league and hacks everyone and no one calls it. Then they lose early in the tourney because they hack everyone and they can't believe it when they get called for it.
UVA, WVU, Cinci -- just pick against them every year because the only coach that can get away with that shit is Pitino.
WVU drives me nuts because the point of the press isn't steals, it's to keep space at a premium. Stop reaching in and defend, you fucking idiots. Announcers love Huggins but he coaches people to play lazy, reach defense instead of just harassing.
Steals are a byproduct.
try telling that to JUAN PIERRE
ETSU on some Just Once right now.
Damn, that's a smooth ass jam y'all.
I gotta skip that UVA-WVU foulfest somehow.
Now I'm blasting Peabo Bryson LIKE MEN DO SOMETIMES.
Dude, MTSU is just straight up way better than Minnesota.
They are running a man-to-man. No tricks, they are just better at every position.
My God. They were underseeded AGAIN.
this was light on BAT and SCRUNGUS, but heavy on college basketball analysis. great job, everyone.
sorry i'm late i was working like a dog (NOT BRIANS DOG) yesterday and then went to watch the night games at a bar full of awful wisconsin fans

have the day off today and it's the perfect day to go sit in a bar for hours and watch basketball but OH RIGHT it's st pattys day the absolute worst day of the year in nyc

so i spent an hour trying to figure out my neighbors' wifi passwords, got one, let's do this
can't get the chromecast to work though!

i have no thoughts whatsoever on either of these teams. obv i want the upset. oh and isn't baylor facing like 200 rape allegations or something through their football program? fuck baylor.
Bill Raftery just said "get the puppies organized!"

Fuck Michigan now and forever (sorry Jules). 71-51. Never forget.

I mean I want OSU to win, I guess but I gotta say, Michigan really is playing with mucho balls right now. I actually watched that Big 10 championship game without falling asleep and I guess what they say is true, narrowly escaping your own fiery death in an airplane makes you play solid fundamental basketball. Still not going past the Sweet 16, tho.

9/8s go either way, right? They're either the most accurate matchups ever or total bullshit. I will say the selection committee made some huge blunders as they do every year but so far the seedings have been pretty on point. Except for, I dunno, UVa, but they've been so fucking overrated all season.

So uh, go Arkansas because I remember in 94 when they won it all and Bill Clinton was at the game and I was eating a Bigfoot pizza watching it all, probably.
michigan perimeter shooting on fire
this wagner kid with the bacne tho
horrifying in HD
wow michigan has perfected the kickout to swish 3
wow this game is actually super entertaining
i bet samuel l and spike and charles barkley really do get along well
holy shit michigan sinking everything
bros getting a little hungry over here might be time to crack open these horrible vegetable dumplings i inexplicably bought at the whole foods deli yesterday

oregon trash. go iona
"nice dog do you know her?"

"know her? IONA"

the guy has a really heavy brooklyn accent you see
thats the joke
i say this every year but greg gumbel looks GREAT for his age
OSU hanging in there
its nice to see officiating crews who don't whistle every minuscule contact like acc refs do

just let em play!
typo just let emz play!
tracy wolfson now calling this game apparently, as confused as i am
OSU really tried but too little too late
baylor/nm st a snoozefest now

come on seton hall game, don't disappoint

come on veg dumplings, don't d

I enjoyed watching Rick Pitino's kid get T'd up before his team lost yesterday. And I'll enjoy watching the elder Pitino lose but it won't be for a couple rounds.

I'm salty! (Just like those dumplings were!)
Shout out to DUSTY HANNAHS
The Arkansas player not the LA area garage band
USC (11) VS SMU (6)

Everyone says SMU is balling but I won't pretend I've seen a second of them playing this year. Go USC for the upset.
Unfortunate end to that Seton Hall/Arkansas game. Yeah flagrant 1 calls on late game clock stopping fouls are stupid but that guy literally pushed the AR dude to the deck. That's the very definition of a flagrant 1. That was the right call.

I like how the selection committee tried to maximize the chance of a UNC/Duke final this year, knowing this is probably the best shot we're gonna have to get one. So I encourage UNC to win this game and all the rest to Phoenix.

Those salty dumplings gave me a headache.
This USC/SMU game is a barn burner
Fuck the hype was legit; SMU can ball
Damn. Damn
i hope you dudes are ready for some smoking DUKE action
i should like URI because bobby hurley's brother coaches them but i know some people from rhode island and they are total douchebags
mental barrier, you know?
ok dudes time to crack some beers for this smoking DUKE action

in true ST PATTYS DAY spirit i have bud light, tecate and a bottle of chimay
debating ordering a pizza
moved downtown and the pizza is inexplicably shit down here. queens had fantastic pizza options

I love you guys, Burton and Jules. But I will never root for Kansas.
I'm rooting for a decent pizza place around here lol
I'm gonna say this game will be closer than it should be. That weird looking kid for Davis can ball
At least a close half

Also Kansas not as strong as people think
I like the big men matchup in this one too. A lot of other low seeds wouldn't stand a chance against KS. Imagine wake having to play this?
Never been a big Chimay fan but got this bottle as a gift. Very tasty

Dayton depresses me for reasons I won't go into here. I think I shouldn't like Wichita State either for some long lost Duke-related reason but I guess I want them to win this.
Lotta love for this UC Davis squad
Daniel lived in Davis for a while for some reason
Man this is so much more enjoyable than going to watch this shit in my local crowded expensive sports bar
Rooting for UC Davis for my homey DANIEL
really just a bizarre place to spend a year or two
that said we all spent 4 years in DENTON, TEXAS
speaking of the MEAN GREEN who else has UNT winning it all this y
So many people mentioning to me those Pizza Hut sneakers that order for you and I'm sorry but in the ad business we are all groaning like crazy god I hate my industry so very much
Now make me some TEVAS that order a BIGFOOT and we're talking
Time for smoking DUKE action
Please please duke don't fuck this up
I've been warming up HOT POCKETS in my DOC MARTENS for years wtf
Joey what's the latest down in CHAPEL HILL
idk but there was this huge fire in downtown Raleigh last night, this giant condo building that was under construction
Yeah it was even on the national news tonight shit is crazy
Oh really loving these refs already
it fucked up the quorum center too

Oof this is clearly not a Lehigh/Mercer 15 seed situation. But if Troy can find a way to produce offensively and Duke starts bricking all these open looks, could be interesting.
Joey remember all the good times we had at the QUORUM CENTER
Most likely these guys don't have legs for more than a half of duke pace and it's going to be a bloodbath
Someone just drove down my street blasting "Take Me Home Tonight" by Eddie Money lol
Did I say close half for Davis and Kansas? My account was hacked. Smh hackers

I want to see all the 11s get the upset today. That the kind of MADNESS you gotta love. Also, gotta pick one of the 8274727 teams from Kansas to support.
Now it smells like bacon in my apartment. Intoxicating.
Troy you're going to have to not allow 3 feet of space between defender and shooter and then maybe make a rebound on every duke possession Jesus
Tatum really getting a chance to work on his inside game tonight, gonna be disgusting in the pros
Fuckin Biff Tannen guarding the low post for Wichita State somebody frisk this kid for a futuristic sports almanac [Dennis Miller voice]
So this is why I think this Duke team is not like the others and reminds me of 2015: they gelled late in the season, sure. They adapt even when down double digits. But most importantly, when they need to press that gas pedal, they actually get it done. Duke is always going to be inconsistent but it's the championship teams that can climb out of any hole.
Duke's early complacency is keeping this close-ish but the size matchup and Tatum in the drivers seat hopefully has this one on lock.
I don't think I've seen a single Duke game this year where they had so many second chance points
I hear white people in my building what the fuck is going on
paul GET OUT
Kansas game really gonna get ugly
Joey huge GET SMART fan don't even worry lol
Ok this coke ad is faulty for two reasons

One, why would a Kansas fan live anywhere near Kentucky

Two, I don't care if you have a six pack of coke in the glass bottles get the fuck off my porch you scumfucks (duke perspective here but come on we all hate Kentucky right)
Just housed a small bowl of cashews and now I'm tempted to just destroy the whole bag
They Reminisce Over Yurts
UC Davis is still in this
Paul when Coach K dies will you consider taking over as Duke's head coach
PS he doesn't have much time
Joey once when I was a kid I was at Cameron watching a game and Coach K fainted and we all thought he up and died shit was crazy
Pretty sure I've told that story in live blogs like 20 times but hey
This Dayton game is clearly great but I really couldn't give less fucks
Technical on Baker wow
I think that pretty much took the last out of Troy
Ugh guess I have to watch this incredible Dayton game
yeah we all remember that day coach k got the vapors
Joey fuck it man let's start that BIZ MARKIE cover band we always talked about in college

Hopefully another terrific 9/8. I have love for Larranaga and the U. Jesus I never thought I would ever support Miami in anything.

When I first started working at my current job, I posted my bracket up to my cubicle wall. I had Michigan State going to the final four. This incredibly hot social media girl I worked with who was a MSU grad saw it and cheerfully said "omg you're a spartan? Big hug!" And I looked at her with utter contempt and said "I fucking hate Michigan State but I think they have what it takes". Never spoke again.

Fuck Tom Izzo. Fuck East Lansing. Fuck Michigan State. Sorry Jules.
Oh shucks I forgot about Michigan state player LOURAWLS "TUM TUM" NAIRN
I kind of have to go for them now
what is happe

Fuck life

Often people ask me if, as a NC native, I have any affinity for South Carolina.

The answer is a resounding no.

Rip Kent state when all those kids got shot by Nixon and it fucked our parents up for good

I have good memories of drinking vodka tonics with my uncle in LA and watching UCLA games on TV so fuck it

Tom Izzo just wants his astronaut pen back
but yeah lonzo ball's dad needs to stfu am i right
Love this NKY team. They are really playing their guts out
Man the Norse gave it all and that was about 15 minutes worth. Straight exhausted already
More problems with the stupid coke ad:

So there's 30 seconds left in this mythical kansas/Kentucky game

The roving band of KY idiots wouldn't make it in time

I'm not getting up for SHIT if I'm a Kansas fan in that situation
paul no worries I come from a u of m family no offense taken
Buffalo Wild Wings ad game on point the past couple of years
Jules pretty sure I insulted u of m earlier, scroll up
This goes out to GABRIEL for Kentucky, easily the darkest man I've ever seen in my life

Man Kentucky goes on 10-0 runs in like 35 seconds wtf
Bummed Miami is shitting the bed
For all this talk about how strong the ACC is this year, really questionable tourney performances for the mid to top of the league
I mean ACC still the best league in D1 by a long shot
Ugh just want to punch Lonzo Ball though
My old roommate drank with Sir Charles one afternoon by accident and you know, I like Charles. I got his back against Lonzo's dad.
The first nationwide ads with brad paisley and that Hamilton guy were fantastic. These new ones not so much
wrong window
This has nothing to do with anything but one thing that really bothered me about that Southwest ad from a couple months ago with the "Anyway You Want It" lip synching was how beautiful and artificial the airport looked in the background. After watching a few dozen times, I realized they shot it at my native airport, RALEIGH DURHAM INTERNATIONAL
Ugh wanted to find a YouTube link but it's all just horrible Journey shit
Holy shit UCLA game close
WELL sorry well it wasn't the craziest friday in march madness history but it was a good one

great thread guys
man they spent like 50 years building that southwest terminal, guess it was worth it for that sick commercial tho
Guys Scrungus is on the way he said get going without him.
Scrungus caught in traffic, grabbing some beers

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