fantasy baseball?

are we doing the omgtru classic league this year? commissioner joey?
jesus christ everyone chill the fuck out i will do the leagues
Suck it jopy
the draft is currently scheduled for Sat Mar 25 at 10:00pm EDT, but we have plenty of time to reschedule. let me know what works for you guys, ALSO we need full buy-in on using a google hangout to talk shit about daniel's picks in real time
i think i did something dumb and people were able to join "via renew" and also "via email" so i don't fucking know man, yahoo get your shit together
i'm flexible on the date, but a weekday night is probably better, and i'm down to "hangout"
any other opinions about the draft time? i can't do it saturday night
can we at least do sunday night?
probably can't make a google hang out over here unless it's when the public library is open so I could use one of their desktop computers unfortunately they close as 6pm on sundays
ok i rescheduled this for sunday night at 9:30 EDT

daniel, johnny, paul & brian had all rejoined and managed to have 2 teams so i removed the new ones and kept the old ones with existing league history.

idk why it worked out this way but i'm blaming yahoo.

if sunday doesn't work for ppl let me know ASAP and we can do it on a weeknight next week.
feelin sorta like you specifically scheduled the draft at a time I said I couldn't make but it's cool I actually just won a fantasy baseball game recently so not sure if it's even fair that I keep competing so I'm gonna sit this one out guys
can we do it any day next week except tuesday instead? just found out i'm hanging out with my father-in-law alone for the first time ever.
uh yeah but only if we can do a google hangout for that too
Date: Wednesday, March 29, 2017
Time: 9:30 pm
this date and time work for me
anthony how was your father-in-law date
it went great. there was a healthy amount of extended silences and only me really talking or asking questions.

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