Let's talk about New Lasagna cat

It's new
The production value on these is insane. I don't even know what to say
This is incredible
There's one with a Philip Glass parody with a spoken word monologue that's an hour long

Sex Survey Results is utterly mindblowing
Seriously, only 2 weeks ago they posted a number, people called in, then they shot and edited that into a four-and-a-half hour video that shifts in real time, the lighting changes throughout the entire thing I don't understand how they did all this.
Forgot to mention the random distortion of each character
yeah very impressed with that 4 hour episode
last 6 minutes of sex survey results
What is the point of all this? Why are these being made?
it's a countdown, but a countdown to WHAT
Some days I wake up and go
I am funny today

you know you're well rested, something. I'ts just you know a good mood.

And you can write two or three or four gags that day or sometimes I'll take a week!

In a week I could write a month's worth of gags.
I sit back in a very quiet place.

And I visualize Garfield until I can literally see him in my head.
I can watch him walk, I can hear him talk

I c
respect my authority! lol

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