hey guys america is dead let's watch some football
this antenna situation is not working at all. was going to use my dad's time warner login to stream the game on the FOX SPORTS GO app, but after downloading it seems to think I already have a tv provider so let's just roll with that
watching some bundesliga
so we all hate the patriots right
how many ponts is touchdown
Siri google touchdown pants
I'm just hear fir he ads
oh man the FOX FOOTBALL ROBOT has really slimmed down
Having beer
Hey twitter made a really funny point it's Jet Li and Super Bowl LI it's the same and they're brothers I love it
burton which squadron are you rooting for
lol why is there a super bowl red carpet
Emily just said "this is so embarrassing", she doesn't watch a lot of sports
Going for the falcons today and their owner Herman Munster
Ludacris and Mark Wahlberg are bros but today they are ENEMIES, hope they can recover
who is this weird lady on the football red carpet and why is she wearing a morticia addams dress
oh cool the NFL had a women's summit
Sup bros just unpacking all the shit from my move to a DELUXE APARTMENT IN THE SKY (actually a fifth floor walkup in a lower east side tenement)
Boy Dominican people sure do like listening to Drake
Never ever want to see another box or piece of styrofoam again
I would be a little suspicious that they were just trying to concentrate a large number of women in one area so the players could physically beat them in a more efficient manner
Paul we will find you.
- Squirrel
If I lived in a fifth floor walk up I would probably just never leave
Although while I was breaking down like 400 boxes I thought how cool it would be to have a video game called BOXCUTTER and it's like a first person shooter but you've got a box cutter and one of the level bosses is the goddamn box my tv came in because that took like 45 minutes to cut down to manageable pieces
Now I have to carry three separate loads of mutilated box down to the trash area and I hope the super doesn't yell at me
That could be like a mini game in the video game where you have to stack and secure the box parts and then place them by the recycling
Siri google video game developers hey guys I'm going to make us rich
the 9/11 level of BOXCUTTER will be pretty intense
God this super bowl pregame shit on fox is just embarrassing on all conceivable levels
Taran Killam and the Tantrums
oh god this impression guy why why
ok well this guy might be pretty good
Jimmy Johnson achieves his lifelong dream and shooting his hair into space
oh good joe buck
From what I can decipher via instagram and this thread, Burton is at home watching fox while Jules went to a monster truck rally, presumably by herself
Guess it's like a pregnancy thing I dunno

1 shot of tequila
1 shot of citronge
1 muddled strawberry (or just kinda broken apart, these aren't really ripe idk)
Trader Joe's Sparkling Limeade
2 slices jalapeño
1 sprig cilantro
(Not endorsed by Joe Buck)
These real good tho
turned off the pregame for a bit so we could watch British teens play minecraft on YouTube
big game today
was that Kendrick Lamar doing VO on some NFL commercial
why not get an Atlanta local like SLEEPY BROWN
hm this is weird the NFL is fellating the military
This hidden valley ranch commercial is one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen
a dude is literally walking tom brady on a leash
is there gonna be a separate puppy bowl thread
ask the guy walking tom brady
jesus fucking christ this rob riggle segment
that was the most damning indictment of Hollywood I've ever seen
Could really go for one of those margaritas rn
god america is doomed and it's not even worth saving
Just wanna thank Jules again for the Sonos multi room speakers so I can hear Joe Buck in the kitchen, or the dining room
big fan of these buckaritas
Pizza ordered, neighbors kid having an insane tantrum
let's honor all these black guys we discriminated against and then gave CTE 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Joey that's mad disrespectful and ELVIN BETHEA won't have it now go long here comes a hail m
Arby's guy intro
oh shit hamilton ladies out here in a huge fuck you to VICE PRESIDENT MIKE PENCE
"four time entertainer of the year"
Can't make buckaritas so made a carpanorita using whatever was left in the liquor cabinet time to eat cheese

loving this punter skills competition but when does the super bowl start

^^^^^ this guy knows sports
was just gathering my satanic ritual supplies now I can live blog
I wouldn't have known it if I wasn't watching this with children but every commercial is super hilarious!!! Especially ones with skittles, tanks, dropped pancakes and any animal ever
loved the one where huge grown men are playing football with children and beating the shit out of them
why does anyone run back a kickoff return from the endzone, it never works
^^^^^ this guy knows sp
patriots are looking terrible, time for a halftime pep talk from PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP
Matt Ryan's jersey looks like it's a kids Halloween costume
man falcons are killin it
Man if you're not watching the Super Bowl with kids you're missing out
agree to disagree
gonna hose these monsters down and get them in bed
we're just gonna bitch about ours upstairs and then burton's gonna drink a bunch until bedtime

i know where you all went

just doing the dishes
And praying for trimp

cruising this hashtag is like I'm on someone's aunt's email fwd list

um, i was promised Satan…
i think satan showed up and he's playing for the patriots
Him I should have kept watching this
how did this happen
What is going on
well it's official everything is terrible
Mathematically the Falcons can still win if Wisconsin's absentee touchdown is counted
Roger Goodell getting blasted is about the only silver lining here
R.I.P. USA, you were the worst
at least they winning the footballs on the last play, i guess

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