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Anthony (the hedgehog one), I have questions:

- you dislike relationships with girls, but identify as bisexual...does this mean I have zero chances? Or does that mean you're only into hooking up ?

- how difficult of a lead guitar are we talking? Van Halen level or more like keith urban?

- why is "a lot" in quotes re: your sorry frequency?

- you can fight well, is this related to being a good shot with a gun?
hey jules maybe you missed the part about tony disliking country music. i have SERIOUS doubts that we'll hear him busting out any keith urban riffs
i meant like in terms of skill, not who he covers, joey. I'm v. familiar with what hedgehog Anthony wrote, I've been reading it over and over since it's been posted
i feel comfortable that i can answer your questions on behalf of my hedgehog, jules. just a reminder that he hates the names ant and tony, so thanks for not using either of those.

- not sure lol

- good question but definitely not like keith urban lol

- not sure about the quotes there lol

- he fights well by rolling into a ball with spikes and also is good with guns, but you'd have to ask him yourself lol

Why are all of my attacks contingent on coin flips
damn, girl

lovin' these 'hogs

sup girl

urp glub

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