Bored Thoughts Thread

do you ever wish you could jump into a swimming pool full of grains

like oats maybe

they seem soft
i had one cookie after lunch and now i'm yawning a lot it sucks
does anyone have anything to add
Need a manger for Cherckercs stockbridge GA pay +benefits
call cell
i don't remember much about checkers but i liked the spice they put on their fries
i guess you could say i could use a little spice in my life lol
maybe i ate too fast but i sure am burping a lot
siri google burping yawning symptoms of what disease
i think i remember rally's being the same as checkers
siri google is rally's the same as checkers
rally's was pretty legit
The drummer for the red hot chili peppers should have a bass drum full of piping hot chili and it just kind of spurts out all over Flea every time he uses his foot pedal
could go for a rally burger right now
Rally's is Checkers verified by the Rally's near my childhood home being converted into a Checker's. Their fries now available in stores I do recommend
lived close to a rally's in LA for a while, remember getting some good burgers there
I haven't had meat in 10 years, the idea of getting a drive thru burger seems very bizarre
probably better burgers out there if you're gonna break your 10 year no meat streak tbh
Remember our old buddy Meat Streaks from back in california
Meat Streaks was a great film, Scorsese really came out swinging (meat)
I saw the original Meat Streaks line up around '97-'98 and they were terrible
i really liked their debut album Meet the Streaks
MAYES Streeps

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