splideo thread

instead of a website that is hard to make and not fun this should just be a thread on omgtru, what do you guys think

Foodfight! (2012) Movie Rant

daniel is this your youtube channel
daniel did like zootopia
i watched zooptopia on a plane and it was really great
haven't seen zootopia tho
big ZOOP fan

at the current rate we should get to ZOOP in my SNES thread in june of 3045
Can we vote to make the word ZOOP a thing we say when we like one of these splideos?

Text ZOOP to omgtru on your parent's Motorola phone

It's not hilarious at all, per se, but it is mystifying that this kid videotaped himself playing basketball on an over the door hoop for 11 minutes. And oddly relaxing.
OK, at 2:30 he takes these backwards shots and just misses so many times. Zero edits.
Paul and I saw Bruton, Jules and Husdon and it was good times. We had bragers.
OK, this 5:40 combo of long missed shots and a fumbled dunk is delightful. Kid's not a talent.
I totally would have made a video like this at his age with some very unathletic dunks. I would have been roasted for it too.
Oh man, the attempted bankshots at 7:40 are painful. I gotta stop watching this.
I found this video by searching "weird sharks" in the youtube "in the last hour" filter. Some weird stuff cycling through the net.
yeah hot tip when i need some weird dialogue/samples i have been searching for "rant" with the last hour filter and man there is some real sad stuff
Yeah, filters fucking rule.
i had a chicken sandwich

not a brager
bruton/jules/hudson good man
jopy BADman
lol this kid sucks at basketball
he is soooooo bad
this video should be projected onto the sky for all to enjoy
also do you guys know if he made any of those shots where he's standing in front of the camera so I couldn't see?
As a parenting strategy, is the 11 minutes you don't have to pay attention to your kid enough offset the continuous sound of the ball hitting the wall?

This is the greatest video of all time. Not obscure but who gives a shit?

Guys, Dennis Richtmeyer knows the score. These cashiers need to know.
Oh my god I had 2 of these keyboards

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