GOODBYE LEFTY: an omgtru celebration

jarf we love you and we love lefty so let's take a moment to pay our respects to the big guy while he's still around

siri google image search left testicle

ow that's what i'm talkin about

goodbye to omgtru's native son, lefty

**plays are you gonna go my way on guitar**

"to the world he was leftovich smith, but he'll always be my little BALLS"

You got this, Jarf!
True story, back when I ran a Kickstarter for my Beatles documentary (the insect, I just spelled it wrong) I was $12,000 shy of my goal with half a day to go.

Sure enough, ol' lefty came through in the last hour to put us over the top. Of course come to find out he used a stolen credit card and then I wound up just keeping all the money but what a true friend who just happens to live in the fleshy ball bag of my other true friend.
classic lefty
Bee Movie edit but every time they say "bee" Jarf gets another testicle
gimme ball

this guy on my tv looks like jarf but his name is paul
Love y'all fools. RIP lefty.
jarfman, really sorry to hear about this stuff, Ivee had a lot goin on as you may have heard i recently was the victim of a high profile robbery and over 10 million worth of my valuables were stolen in paris during the heist so I took a 3 month break from social media to refocus my priorities while the investigation was also ongoing. Good news is I am back and with all that time focusing on my priorities I realized I still love fashion so as my gift to you I've got some baller hospital gowns I've designed for you free of charge
unless your insurance covers hospital gowns then I would be more than happy to bill them on your behalf so I could get some compensation but no worries let me kno

certainly this one speaks for itself but in case it doesn't I was inspired by hearing so much about your lefty but also it kept bringing me back to Lisa left eye lopez (god bless)who had a killer sense of style that I think easily translates to hospital chic and also you both had glasses so I was able to tie some accessories in there too...does your insurance cover vision? Mine doesn't so glasses are out of pocket cost, this might be your situation if so I can absolutely modify your current frames free of charge to replicate this look, I feel strongly the glasses are a must for this one

on this one I wish I could explain where I got the inspiration but i was just focusing on my priorities, lefty etc and I fell asleep and idk, woke up and had this pattern on my mind so I felt like that was a sign anyway it's an original clearly and I think it's important to have that hat they're having u wear match the rest of the ensemble btw sorry I didn't plan ahead on slippers but I can get on that, I am thinkin alligator but let me kno ur preferences on leather slippers

now you may think this is burberry but it's not because it's pretty much common knowledge that they stole this print from me years ago and have been capitalizing on it ever since, I decided to just let them have it because it wasn't my best work and honestly I know I've done lots of other stuff way better. So anyway this is a high end dedrick look, I'm sure burberry would charge roughly $2,000 for the gown alone based on their current cape prices but I also doubt they accept a variety of health insurances as I am willing to do. For this look again no slippers but I feel confident that uggs would really tie it all together
anyway jarf if you need a larger hospital gown wardrobe don't hesitate to hit me up that's what friends are for much love
wow these are fantastic, D. Hope there will be a show, fashion week maybe?
I would be honored to wear any of these, Dedrick.
truly doing god's w
oy, draco
nian measures have left the hea
th bar in the car so it melt
ormé'd itself, which means it ch
arged a bunch of money on my cred
we miss you lefty

Pancho sends his regards, Jopy.

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