marry xmas

and a snopy new year
Jarf? Brian's dog?
They left me... Home Alone!
Oh Jarf! I'm watching NBA games without you and liveblogging with insufficient knowledge about any of the players or strategy!
Who's that? Somebody's knocking at the door. I better pause and fast forward this monologue from Fast and Furious to scare away these murderous burglars.
Bingo! Finally found my BB gun it was buried under a pile of angry tweets at some governor in Joey's room.
I don't know who this kid is but he seems to know us pretty w
I'm gonna kill that kid!
could go for a pizza pocket right now!
mayesy xmas
rip george michaels and your sports machine
Has anyone seen Buzz?
What's Google
Siri google "how much are Starting Line Up figures worth in 2016"
Siri Google "how to bury someone"
The pipes froze and exploded and it's so cold, need water
wet bandits
I kept telling Hughes, we gotta have a scene where we rape the kid. You gotta have that realism to bring the audience back to Earth, you know? He just kept shaking his head and insisting we get a shot of Macaulay eating Portillo's.

Joe Pesci, Nintendo Power, 1990
sup jar

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