let's listen to the PITCHFORK BEST ALBUMS OF 2016 and probably hate everything

we did this before and it was fun so let's do it ag
ok we're gonna start at the top and work our way down
1. Solange
A Seat at the Table
Listened before: no
how bummed is kelly rowland
first track is pretty monotonous idk
yeah i dunno so far it seems perfectly fine
strange lil wayne verse ok
i've heard of this don't touch my hair song but never actually heard it
why would someone touch someone else's hair without permission, that's just a bad idea m8
i kinda like the production on this album more than the whole singing part
skipping to this track with q-tip
Other monologues feature Solange’s father recalling the trauma of school integration (“We lived in the threat of death every day”) and an introspective Master P, who crystallizes one of the album’s salient themes: “If you don’t understand my record, you don’t understand me—so this is not for you.”

i mean we already knew this record was not for me
sorry master p
yeah idk i had higher hopes for this album, seems like a snooze
2. Frank Ocean
Listened before: yes
i remember this being weird and cool
man when did pop music get so weird and sparse
nikes and ivy are both weird and simple and really really good
feeling this album but i think it's gonna run out of steam from what i can remember
ok yeah this was a really good album
3. Beyonce
Listened before: yes

OK PITCHFORK we get it you love meandering albums about being black in america in 2016 chill the fuck out
uh i listened to two albums i need to take a break
wtf is this shit not on spotify
joey just use your tidal subscription
just buy the visual album it's worth it
Jules lemme get your iTunes login
Frank Ocean fucking sucks. That Solange album is awesome.
According to pitchfork they have the #2 and #1 album of the year, respectively
listening to lemonade on youtube
i think
the movie thing on hbo was really good
yeah this is a good album, what do you want me to say
remember the line about red lobster
4. David Bowie
Listened before: yes
it's still pretty crazy this came out like 1 minute before he died
i listened to this a lot, mostly just Lazarus though
too bad about all the jazz tho *hides from jarf*
man lazarus is a crazy good song
i would say i like the frank ocean and solange albums but i also started them both multiple times and couldn't ever finish them
i listened to the beyoncé album while running one time. it was fine.
i listened to the bowie album right before he died, so that was weird and i haven't revisited it since except for blackstar and lazarus
look i'm as big a mos def and talib kweli fan as anyone but blackstar came out in 1998 wtf are you guys t
sorry had to deal with some work bullshit wtf
so i listened to black star all the way through, i still think lazarus is one of his best songs ever
i think the rest of it is good but "not for me"
i am a big bowie fan but the stuff i like is basically all early 70s sooo
but i REALLY like that stuff
ziggy stardust maybe greatest album of all time
5. Kanye West
The Life of Pablo
Listened before: yes
man do we really have to
any kanye album from the past 10 years, there is usually one track that i am super into and the rest is just kinda embarrassing
even the one track i like is pretty embarrassing too
Gonna listen to Kanye while I cook to drown out the children's screaming
ultralight beam - garbage
lol "pray for Paris"
this production is really annoying too
how many ppl are going to sing on this track
father stretch my hands - man this production is annoying too
ok I'm giving up, gonna skip to the track I like which is called FEEDBACK
yeah this track holds up
he really puts bloggers in their place
6. Chance the Rapper
Coloring Book
Listened before: yes

ugh i know people really like this guy but............
like dude we get it you got some gospel singers ok
first track has lots of meandering gospel singing cool
track 2 "no problem", feeling this beat
yeah that track was good
this shit just boring dawg
7. A Tribe Called Quest
We got it from Here... Thank You 4 Your service
Listened before: yes
hey just in case you didn't notice, pitchfork is like SUPER COOL with black people
somehow i think i got more into q-tip than tribe proper
but this album is pretty cool
"whateva will be" is really dope
Listened before: no
lol this person's voice wtf
oh this is antony and the johnsons
yeah i can not handle this singing at all NEXT
9. Angel Olsen
My Woman
Listened before: no
is this an actual olsen twin/sibling
can't tell if this is ok or not
let's say this is ok but i'll never listen to it again
10. Radiohead
A Moon Shaped Pool
Listened before: no

i like radiohead but i never listened to this oops
this song is the shit

currently listening to: minecraft song parodies
Where did Tonic place this year?
joey what are your thoughts on radiohead?
huge fan of the pablo honey era
Angel Olsen rules, Radiohead are fucking boring coots.
And, yeah, that Chance record trashy. It has three good songs amidst a sea of stupid God nonsense.
After focusing on how life can be unbearable and weird for two records, Chance decided to make a puppet show for kids to believe in God. That's worked out really well for disenfranchised/oppressed people so well thus far, so why not?
That Anohni record is super pretty but I can't do the voice either. Jazz rules, though. You're just boring.
i mean i am definitely boring
Sorry meant BROing
really looking forward to some bon iver hot takes
Anthony let's keep it in English we're not in Mexico... yet lol
guys don't worry i'm going to get back on this, i've just been wrapping up my own album which is sure to appear on this list in 2017
Bon Iver traaaaaaaaaaash
Gimme that jaaaaaaaaaaazz.
This was fun, we should listen to 3 albums together more often.
god dammit

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