Fake News

Man found with Russian Hacking system pleads with aliens: "They made me do it."
YG busted in plot to assassinate Hillary Clinton: "She a crip"
Robert Parrish eats baby!
Mitch McConnell to Ruskis: "Flarsh garsh m'barsh jarble"
Tough Talking Titmouse Tests Trump: "You can't fuck my wife and get away with it"
Dedrick to Steve Harvey: "Steal from Me Again Motherfucker It's a Foot in Yo Ass"
Mass Pike shut down, Christie claims ignorance
SOURCES: Mitt Romney actually a stack of empty paper towel rolls
Patrick Stewart pet kiddie-porn-pet-rock collection found: "My secret shame"
Jon Stewart fart video surfaces
Bruton goodman
Jopy slimfast secrets revealed!
Jopy slimfast body found in connection with missing decoder rings, emz mum.
Jopy slimfast RIP: "It ain't right what them bats did," says omgtruers.
Prez Sez: "School is for Losers."
Bats claim innocence in Slimfast murder case
Jarm sick, looking for ways to fall asleep without taking medicine.
Bill Gates to give away fortune to his "Along Came a Spider" fan club.
jean tripplehorn suspect in tripple homicide (no, seriously).
anthony can you clarify, is that just editorial jollies with regards to the murder of three people, or was a member of the tripple family m
great question paul
i was bummed when my hometown paper stopped running EDITORIAL JOLLIES on sundays
Cancer gum causes cancer
Man found, wasn't missing.
Oral history of Oral Roberts goes horribly wrong, 5 dead.

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