here i was wondering what you do after you've already had cars parachute out of airplanes, FUCKING SNOWMOBILES, HELL YEAH
Opens up a whole new world of possibilities:

Segways, hover boards, those weird 3 wheeled tricycle motorcycles
getting really pumped for the live trailer debut event this sunday
i don't know how we all of us feel about that title
jk omgfam it's the best title
F8 of the Furio8

1) didn't they already do this plot with letty?
2) really helpful that tyrese states his full name and what he does for us
3) sure hope we get to check in on brian and mia
4) it'd be a great plot twist if we found out they were all from the same orphanage
5) the rock literally gets arrested, goes to jail, and then gets out of jail-- all in this trailer
6) also, he was a police officer or whatever
7) worth the wait, really appreciated the build up
8) not sure shaw is gonna fit in with the familia considering all the deaths on both sides
9) "i don't know if the old dom is in there. i don't give a damn. i'm taking you down, toretto."
there's a lot to discuss here, please stay tuned for my full breakdown
yeah here's a full breakdown

some thoughts:

1) "I WILL BEAT YOU LIKE A CHEROKEE DRUM" this is my new catch phrase i am going to say it whenever i get drunk

2) holy shit that thing dom does where the cars clap into each other

3) holy shit snow tank

4) holy holy shit nuclear sub

i am genuinely excited by this. i think i actually like these movies now thanks to FASTFEST
i think we should make as much of an effort to see this in the theater together as we can, considering OMGTRUCON still needs to happen
5) maybe vin diesel was method acting when the rock got mad at him during filming because he was supposed to be a bad guy now
6) how could dom leave FAMILY for charlize theron come on dom what about l
I've still never seen any of these
for real what are you guys doing April 14, 2017
Probably smoking weed and sleeping
wishing I was doing what jarf is doing while I hold a crying baby and trying to remember when I last showered
still better than seeing a fast and furious movie in theatres tho
all i'm gonna say is you MUST be smoking weed if you think dom would ever truly turn his back on family
sure sounds like he's under the spell of a high tech terrorist
but based on the trailer i'm guessing they're going to spend the whole movie discussing your point, joey

The only thing I smoke is exhaust and it gave me a fatal case of emphysema
you mean emFAMILIA
just saw this trailer in the theater with emz, she is SO PUMPED
Does Mater get new tires. ?
2 thoughts on the new trailer:
1) i saw the xxx sequel, and it was awesome (unrelated)
2) they say "family" 3 times in the first 35 seconds of that trailer

details here fam
wish it was for real
How has nobody else commented on this it's amazing
Like seriously Joey I'm disappointed you didn't do this first, this guy calls himself Chad Kroeger (the Nickleback guy) and mentions the tuna sandwich within the first 3 minutes it's a work of art
so is anyone going to see this this weekend? I want to but I don't think I can do it alone. Was supposed to go with Paul but he bailed to spend the weekend in DIAMOND BAR, CALIFORNIA
Guys quick update I was going FAST AND FURIOUS on the 57 freeway when a pineapple or some shit hit my windshield and cracked it
My sweet ride wtf
prbly seeing it saturday night
working on a plan to see FATE OF THE FURIOUS next week with my brother PAUL
in the theater at the americana in glendale waiting for f8 to start. i'll be posting spoilers on omgtru throughout.
thanks for the spoiler warning
hey has anyone heard from Anthony, I'm worried this movie completely blew his mind and he has been institutionalized
had a great time with the F A M I L Y last night
minute by minute spoilers coming soon
Anthony, Joey here from, did this film feature American Mu
ng beans

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