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Barf Kitchen
Twelve chefs compete to impress host and judge Executive Chef Phil Dawkins. Chef Dawkins repeatedly vomits onto the plates of food he deems unworthy of his approval.
Hero Dog
After serving three tours in Afghanistan, decorated war dog Patches returns home to resume his family life. Little does he realize his repeated use of the word 'retarded' in past YouTube comments will come back to haunt his burgeoning political career.
Kevin Spacey stars
Dump Train
Hidden cameras capture the reactions of unsuspecting travelers as they witness a full size passenger train defecate actual human excrement onto the tracks. Features hilarious sound effects, hosted by Joey Fatone.
Season 4 begins April 22nd
Anti-gravity Chess Champs
World renowned chess pros become agitated to the point of physical illness while attempting to compete in a $250,000 tournament of champions in space.
Parental guidance: death
Simon & Garfield
After being laid off from their day jobs, platinum selling musician Paul Simon and syndicated cartoonist Jim David are forced to share an apartment. The trouble starts when their estranged daughter Brenda shows up unannounced bearing bad news...and a baby!
Available on iTunes
Foam Rainbow
Watch as legendary comedian Howie Mandel (Deal or No Deal?, Two Girls, One Cup) personally castrates LGBT teenagers minutes after they bravely come out to their close friends and family. Sharon Osbourne moderates, drunk.
Closed-captioned for the feeling impaired.
Liveblog: The TV Show
Former janitor Paul Nair sits in front of a camera and proceeds to drink 18 beers in 4 hours while telling you for the forty-thousandth time why this Tokyo Police Club record is awesome and how nice people in Canada are.
Brian's Dog
Horatio Sanz stars in this epic drama surrounding a New York man's kind spirit -- crossed by an ungrateful Texan canine. Scored by Daft Punk.
Black & White, 120 min.
Southern California's newest game show asks the ultimate question: how fast can you identify your own genitals from a photographic lineup of cocks and balls? Hosted by Rivers Cuomo.
Subtitled in Mandarin
Train Space
Join legendary actor Wilford Brimley on a tour of quaint Western towns as you find fields that probably could fit a train in 'em if you had to.
Warning: scenes of LSD use
School Dad
Marcus, played by Kevin Jamez (who lost over 20 lbs for the role), is the new kid at school. His secret? He's about to turn 40. Teenaged student Hilda aka Babs aka Olga (played by Cameron Diaz in tonight's pilot episode and replaced by yours truly for the rest of the series) thinks she's onto his secret, but he's kinda cute too?
Related searches: Daddy Day Care, Marge vs the Monorail
Ooh Oui, C'est So So Moist
Bizarre French children's show featuring homo-erotic clown. What the fuck is this shit
*Punches television screen*
Stand Your Ground!
Follow real Floridians as they confront black people possibly about to maybe do something illegal on their property. Participants are given a loaded Charter Arms .38 revolver and six chances to make things right.
Sponsored by Sheba Cat Food
Join Senior PGA Tour Champion Tom Watson on a romantic journey to find his four true wives. Narrated by a computer generated facsimile of what world renowned pianist and composer Scott Joplin may have sounded like, I think I spilled water under the couch.
Available exclusively on
Brendle's: The Story of Service Merchandise
Award-winning documentary of the rise, fall and fall again of Southeastern Furniture Warehouse. Exit 125 in Greensboro. Thank you.
Starring Sears Outlet
Extreme Home Autopsy
Examine the neighborhood! Sheryl Lee - TV's Laura Palmer, takes us on a journey through the census designated "Most elderly-populated area in America," Sumter County, Florida. Watch as newly trained physicians crack open the bodies of the derelict hordes to look for relics of the past.
Rated F
Why Did I Cross The Road?
Tom Arnold stars in this animated romp about two chickens on their quest to get laid.
Drawn on a napkin
I Can't Feel My Face!
Watch as hopeless addicts do rails of powerful cocaine off of unwashed animals while crowds of Autism-Vaccine truthers will them to victory. Hosted by Peter Jennings, this show ain't no joke!
Secretions.csv (commas delimited)
This crime procedural starring an aged Frog and Toad as sextectives is canceled abruptly when Russia invades Cuba-- where the show is filmed-- unexpectedly.
Rated Fear
CSI: Helena
Roger Clemens loses the shirt in this year's crime drama of the century! Local Helena cops solve a gritty crime every ten years or so, guest starring Kathie Lee Giffords and some trolls. Really this show just gets its rating from being on after Hero Dog.
Share the wealth!
Crop Dust Cadillac: On the Move!
The second season of the smash hit show where Corben Bernsen rips some heavy fartz while unsuspecting celebrities have to try and escape a pimped-out caddy from way back! 3 guaranteed suicides per season!
RIP Shirley McLaine.
Royal Families exposed! Caution: contains dogs.
Traitor Joe
Everything is coming up roses for Joe the Florist until oh no oh no god no why whywhywhy don't don't don't help please this can't
Brought to you by...
Tom's Party House
Quick, change the channel.
Complete the S
Hijinks ensue on a Puerto Rican Day Parade float when m
Hosted by Br
paypal me please I want to buy brian the dog script
Dick call me please there's no sense in bidding war with each other

Dick I just called your office and your new assistant said I had the wrong number

Sorry guys we'll take this negotiation offline

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Reply all
Are You Mad at Mommy?
Game show where contestants dress up as their mothers and yell at themselves. Winner gets to choose between going on an all-expense paid trip or depriving themselves of an all-expense paid trip. Steve Harvey leaves Family Feud and becomes highest-paid host in television history. Harvey wears blonde toupee, per unwritten rule of television.
Qualifies for free shipping
Drawer Wars
Professional drawer openers, and brothers, Paul and Raul Nair (not related), compete against fellow drawerlords Sasso "Whooooop-it-up-boy!" Richards and sexy but strong Brittany Slarm. Things heat up as a fierce guessing war breaks out trying to figure out what in the fucking shit is in this goddamn drawer we have a safe for the important stuff, fuck!
Directed by POGS
The Cell Phone Commercial Show
Neutral caricatures of people you feel like you know but also make you feel inferior eat lunch in front of floor to ceiling windows in a restaurant type setting that never appears to sell food in a city that appears to be not quite as big and scary as you believe New York probably is.
Pre-empted by 'Drawer Wars'
Cambodian S.H.I.T.E.
Girl vagina: Cambodia's leaders to respect the ultimate battle. Watched the flying bullets, swords, Southeast Asia and the hue of the sky clears blood, internal organs.
Brought to you by Google Translate
Oh, yep here we go. Hold on don't move. Stop! I won't burn you. Just- no if the head gets stuck you'll get an infection. Oh god stop it you won't get Lyme disease this isn't a deer tick. Hold it hold it HOLD IT!
Filmed in 4K
Butt Kegels
Jillian Micheals of "The Biggest Loser" guides individuals through grueling workouts as they exercise their rectum to master the art of holding in their farts. Weekly sphincter clench contests are held following intense scenes of contestants consuming flatulence-inducing foods. Tune in to see who can hold their own (farts) and continue on to replace Jamie Lee Curtis as the face and butthole of "Activia".
Featured exclusively on Tru TV, TLC, A&E and Food Network.
Can I Fart Yet?
From the creators of Smell the Fart, New Car Smell (Farts), and Butt Kegels comes the next great reality television series. Have you ever had to hold in your gas (farts) in a public place? It's like that.
Guest hosts: Weird Al and his Weird Pal
Ratatouille: The Reality Series
Hordes of rats are unleashed into a trendy Beverly Hills restaurant. Can they cook? Host Richard Irvine will fucking make them.
Based on Dosney Motion Picture
Ep Pep Pe Dap
Pep dap pe dep dap de pe pep pep de pap pap. Ep de pip pap? Eh de pep, pep.
Flep de pe dap 19pm pep dop
Recent Troubles: A Nightline Special Report
Jarf sits down with Barbara Walters and Ted Koppel and talks about his recent troubles for the rest of our miserable lives. Also, are your kids getting enough Niacin? Our report may shock you.
Conjointed Twins
Seth Rogen and Gheorghe Muresan star as a pair of conjoined twins who couldn't be more different! George (Rogen) is an out of work actor who spends his days getting high. Meanwhile Stan (Muresan) runs a Fortune 500 company with his beautiful wife Stella and their five adopted daughters. In the pilot episode Stan misses an important flight because George (played by Rogen, not Muresan) got high and legally changed his name to Gheorghe, setting off a hilarious incident with the TSA.
Produced by Gheorghe Muresan
Celebrity Apprentice: Monster Truck Edition
Vroom vroom you're fired lol
Hit in the Balls
Journeyman outfielder Sass Bronson spent the last decade trying to crack into the majors with no luck. But fates turns a corner one day when an errant fastball hits him squarely on the tip of his penis.
Can we actually write 22 episodes of this?
Conjointed Twins: Spring Break-up
This hour long prime time special finds George and Stan prepared to make the hardest decision of their lives: surgical separation. Stan's business is on the ropes thanks to George's non-stop partying and it's the last straw. Seconds from surgery, the brother's learn they are triplets, with a brother who has been repeatedly obscured by couch cushions whenever they sit down.
Special guest star Sthahne Muresan
I Asked For CHICKEN On My Salad
Terror strikes as a middle aged, affluent-looking man suffers a screwed-up lunch order.
Based on a true story -- I mean really, this guy was such a prick. "Where are my breadsticks?" he bellowed. I was standing there like, shit, dude, chill out, man!
Heavily Sedated Bo Jackson
Take your best shot at Bo! Children and immigrants are invited to punch legendary dual-sport superstar Bo Jackson right in the fac
Things I Worry About
This documentary takes a deep look inside my brain, posing the question "how does my husband not punch my face off?" while examining other thoughts spinning in my mind constantly like: Shit, did I accidentally add that person on Twitter? Why was I so mean to that one girl in high school? I had a mang-o-rita and took a Xanax, does that kill people? What if my husband goes out of town and I die and then my dogs try to eat my body since I'm dead and they're hungry? Do my arteries have plaque? Let me re-read that email I sent earlier to make sure it doesn't seem weird. What if somehow someone was able to see everything I've googled? Should I have mentioned I knew that guy's ex-girlfriend, I mean I hope it is clear I didn't like her...Did I cut in front of these people in line? I'm reading that email a third time, why is it so long? I hope that one thing I wrote earlier didn't offend anyone. I mean I hope people know I'm kidding they get that right? Is this weird like am I being weird or what is happening this just feels weird right now.
The 4th-12th Grade Diaries
Travel back in time with me as I reflect upon how I became the star of acclaimed show "Things I Worry About" and "Oh God, I'm So Pathetic" debuting this fall.

Episode List:
Season 1, Episode 1: What makes Garth Brooks cute
Season 1, Episode 2: Why I think Lindsey should marry the butt crack man
Season 1, Episode 3: Why *NSync is better than BSB
Season 1, Episode 4: That time I kissed a dude who once picked poop out of the toilet at a party
Season 1, Episode 5: What happened when I spent 2 years of my life dating a guy who put school glue in his hair to spike it
Season 1, Episode 6: Rebounding from dating a guy who put glue in his hair with a guy that works at Steak and Shake
Season 1, Episode 7, series finale: Black eyeliner, black shirts and going to concerts in Detroit basements alone: a summer where I somehow didn't get murdered
a college grad, huh? Very nice...
I left my blackberry in a five-star hotel lobby bathroom. Can you call the office on Wednesday, Rick to talk merger? my bberry had all my outdated phone numbers in it

I just left my pleather wallet in my limo driver's spare bedroom. can anyone break a $50?
the valet at this five star restaurant that just had its soft open in LA complimented my pants, but I feel like he didn't get the full picture since my back pocket is empty because I'm missing my wallet. There's so much space in that back pocket it's nuts.
Rick missed you at dinner buddy
Yelp: The Series
Yelp, Inc. is a multinational corporation headquartered in San Francisco, California, that operates an "online urban guide" and business review site.
2 Stars
Shart Tank
From the producers of Butt Kegels, Smell the Fart, New Car Smell (Farts) and Can I Fart Yet? comes a guaranteed family favorite. Shart Tank features young up and coming entrepreneurs presenting their sought-after sharts, while in a tank. Then, let the bidding wars begin as five tycoons part with their own hard-earned cash and give the funding needed to jumpstart dreams and further sharts across the country!
Hosted by Guy Fieri, Sponsored by White Castle.
TV With My Mom
This show uses cutting edge technology to turn your favorite tv show into a whole new experience! During the first 15 minutes, you may think you aren't even watching TV With My Mom, but suddenly a hologram of my mother will enter the room. That's when the real show gets started! You will be required to engage in conversation with the hologram as she asks multiple questions about everything that happened in the first half of the show. Then, she will start speculating on what is currently happening and will add her own narrative at an increasing volume so that you can't actually hear what is happening. Every show ends with a detailed story about who my mom saw at the grocery store last night, completely replacing the last 8 minutes of your show.
My So Called Pro-Life
This all-in-one series premiere and series finale spends an evening with my Mom after she answers a call from a Pro-Life solicitor. Tensions rise as she tells the solicitor they have the wrong number and my Dad interjects to correct her that "maybe they don't". Episode consists mostly of angry finger tapping on a table and ends with a large glass of Christian Brothers.
Let's Bring It Down a Notch
Hosted by Tom Bergeron and brought to you by the producers of America's Funniest Home Videos, this new show takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride! Interspersed with side-splitting viral videos are stories from the star of "TV With My Mom" (my mom) to help bring things down a notch. Episode one features a solemn discussion group on the man who recently starved to death in prison, followed by a video of a chimpanzee riding on a Segway, followed by a horrible story I can't even write here about your mail lady's daughter being in a horrible accident. Like, really Mom, you want to tell me that? Why? What in the actual f
Cheap, Cheap!
Hosted by a husband is a shopping show with only one answer to the question "Should we buy this?". This tech-savy man guides you through the ins and outs of Amazon searches because he is "prettttttty sure we can find the same thing cheaper on Amazon". Join on-air callers as the husband helps them discover similar(ish) products to the ones they actually wanted at basically the same price once shipping is included with only a few days to one week delay in their gratification.
Subway Restaurant
Alfred (played by Alfred Molina) stops to eat at a Subway restaurant in the middle of nowhere. There's an emptiness inside him because of stuff, and he feels like the last man on earth, except for his new best friend: the guy baking the bread and cutting avocados with oil-stained hands. "What type of bread would you like we're out of that one," the guy says without letting his new best friend, Alfred Molina, answer. "What type of cheese we're out of that cheese."
6 Minute Fart
Capitalizing on the popularity of recent flatulence based hits, "6 Minute Fart" follows host Guy Fieri as he travels to local restaurants to sample dishes and then attempts to fart for six minutes, uninterrupted. Hit the six minute mark and dinner is free, Guy! But uh oh often times it is a very short fart, shart, or complete pants shitting on camera.
Exclusive to Amazon Prime
NBA Pranks
Internationally-renowned prankster Jamie Kennedy (Punk'd, Mask 2) goes deep undercover as an 80 year old man, acquires a large amount of wealth through racist practices in the real estate business, gets his big break in a national Blockbuster commercial, stars in Scream and Scream 2 with Courtney Cox, buys an NBA team, gets several tv shows, says racist stuff/is racist, gets pranked big time by his girlfriend when she records their conversation. But what he does next will literally BLOW YORU MNID!!!
Click here for photos
Tramps on Tramps on Tramps
Rail riding drifters are drug off trains against their will and thrown onto strategically placed trampolines. How they bounce doesn't matter, because professional tattoo artist Kat Vaughn D is on hand to ink each jump onto the waiting backs of sluts.
No Boone stop
Boner Coaster
In development...
Sylvester Stallone's Open Mic Follies
Work the balls! Join a traumatized studio audience in a locked performance space as they're forced to inadvertently listen to Sly receive oral sex backstage via a left-on mic. Did we mention we turned the indoor temperature up to 110 degrees? Fitness Guru/Hysterical Homosexual Richard Simmons flails wildly, pleading for viewers at home to dial 911.
Season 27 starts Tuesday May 20th
That guy who is like a scientist and everyone really likes because he makes it easy to understand and stuff, the black guy. Neil Degrasse Tyson. But instead, he's played by Notorious B.I.G. Yeah, he's played by Norovirus B.I.G. It's just him pointing at a toilet bowl full of shit and explaining stuff. The other night I was thinking while I was like half-asleep and I realized like, if you don't accept any of this as reality, there really isn't anything that requires explaining, right? So if you accept the universe as an entire fabrication, it renders the entire conceit of physics moot, right? Is that thing cashed?
A High Times Channel Original Production
Dog Walken
This unique talk show follows host Christopher Walken as he takes a stroll with the dogs of fellow celebrities. Sponsored by GoPro, each episode is filmed from the dogs perspective and narrated by an experimental thought translation implant.
Contains MSG
Celebrity Slipcovers
Host Jamie Kennedy inspects couch covers of celebrities to see if they contain fecal matter and semen! Show lasts eight hours, Kennedy is visibly shaking the whole due to fear of semen and fecal matter or maybe it's because they broke into all these hou-- OH SHIT THE COPS. Celebrity slipcovers include: Diane Sawyer, Future, that dog from Frasier and many, many more!
T for Teen
Hosts of a fake celebrity spy show are confronted by 90s-style cops who are looking to adjust some attitudes! Hosts include a visibly shaking Jamie Kennedy, Sen. Al Franken, Elizabeth Berkeley, and "Downtown" Julie Brown. You'll never see celebrities the same way again!
Crooked Copz
Watch as hidden cameras catch cops let b-list celebrities off the hook for sex and/or autographs for their kids. The cops are all fucking fired, believe you me. And the celebs are all washed-up anyhow. Does Jamie Kennedy always shake this much? Nothing good can come of this. Actually, fuck it, SHUT IT DOWN. SHUT IT THE FUCK DOWN.
Straight to DVD
Watch the peen. No seriously look out, it's right there.
May contain mayonnaise
Steve (Stephen) Harvey Esq.
100 Family Feud Lane
Los Angeles, CA

Joey Nelson

RE: Show ideas

Dear Mr. Nelson,
Please consider tr following idea as an item to be featured in your internet website about show ideas. The show title is still in works so if you have any great ideas that would be great because I really want to catch the attention of Rick or Marc. Here it is:

A handsome and dapper African American man uses side splitting comedy while he hosts a game show where families compete and guess answers that have to add up to 100 according to a survey.


steve your waffle maker is in the mail.
it has come to my attention that Rick has already sent you a waffle maker with better features, including the Taste/Texture Select® feature. Please return our waffle maker, and I'll replace it with the waffle maker of your choice.
I think Rick has a mole within our organization. Rick, all this bidding war is going to do is bankrupt both of us and make steveharvey57 a very rich man. Please have lunch with me and my wife to discuss.

Warm regards,
Recall message
Hi, this is for the webmasters at OMG,

This is Mary, Rick's secretary. Rick won't be involved in any further negotiations on new TV ideas. He was killed in a recent school shooting.


Classic rick move
TV Execs
Two handsome tv executives, Mark and Rick, duel for today's biggest stars and hottest show ideas until one of them is killed in a school shooting false flag. Mary, will you get a drink with me?
Executive Producer: Andy Richter
Steven Harvey, Attroney at Law
100 family feud lane
Los Angeles, CA

Marc the TV exec


I've received your correspondence and appreciate your consideration in this matter. I have chosen the bleow waffle maker as my upgrade:

That's a Louis Vouiton waffle maker and I am
Hoping that from it I can work with Dedrick to create my own custom Louis Vouiton luggage made of waffles since the other kinds are pretty expensive and now that Rick has up and died, I won't probably be making as much on my tv series as I planned tragically.


Steve Harvey
too rich for my blood. I'm out.
Personal Cat Train
One lucky commuter gets the ride of their life when a cat-driven convertible subway train pulls alongside a packed NYC subway car. The cat lowers his sunglasses and says "hop in".
I took these pills I found in my desk I thin tkey were Advil
The Negotiator: The Series
Kevin Spacey and Steven Harvey, with the help of their designer hey it's me Dedrick, take on a group of Los Kidnappers to bring back omgtru superstar Pal after an ill-fated trip to Colombia, OH with omgtru feature player his dad. Look out for a few twists along the way, like when Dedrick gets los kidnapped himself, and Kevin Spacey turns out having been one of the Los Kidnappers this whole time which is pretty shocking if you ask me. We bet you'll just fall in love with your captors too, the Los Kidnappers.
Characters welcome
i'm back in IF everyone else is dead
siri pull up caclulator and prepare for nigotiations
Jesus. I mean, do we need anything else? JESUS, dude. It's like, you can tell the same tale like a billion times with different results but we're all going to work and shit. Like, infinity, man. It's everywhere. Why can't Jesus just hover over lake Michigan in a Santa Claus hat? He can, man. We just gotta write that shit, right? Jesus riding whales and shit. Oh is it my turn? Nice. I'm not high enough y
Alan Smithee attached to direct
Dog University
Get a degree in hilarity this fall when we basically just reshoot the best episodes of Community but with dogs. And no CGI, this is all peanut butter and laser pointers to make these dogs talk! In the pilot episode Sparkles comes to grip with the crushing weight of student loans she'll never pay off, while Jazz just can't seem to get that marble you dropped behind the couch even though he's a good boy and he really really wants it.
What killed this dog?
Big Bed
Game show. Hello from big Bed :)
Hum at St. Vitus
What happens if Jarf goes to see one of his favorite bands in an intimate venue with nothing but superfans? Can he get any work done beforehand? Will he explode? How long can he last without earplugs for the loudest band he's ever seen? How will he eat this week if he spends his money on this ticket? All these questions and more answered tonight!
Program canceled because no one cares.
jarf yeah i'm a big fan of st. vincent, pretty bummed she and cara delevingne broke up
Bean Flute
Henry Smorgenstein never met a plate of hot wings he didn't shame into tears, but things change one day when a 12 foot tall Armenian bowler named Shrek Jr. gives Henry a magical bean flute with the power to make hummus on demand.

Baseball game? Hummus glove.

Art museum? Hummus sculpture melts and makes and old man slip and die.

Drones? Hummus drones that shit hummus on a funeral procession.

Therapy? Hey let's eat hummus instead did we mention the bean flute is also a powerful rifle that terrifies everyone?
Deathbed Quarterback
Brass Covington is a former NFL hot shot with Stage 4 Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Can he win the big game from the comfort and flexibility of his KCI BariKare® Bariatric Hospital Bed with AtmosAir® matress? The actual bed is wheeled onto a 100-yard regulation football field each episode.
Brought to you by Smirnoff Ice
You Don't Know Shit: Kids Edition
Child chefs take on their award winning adult counterparts in a series of one-on-one competitions. The twist? The adults are given a near fatal dose of heroin to level the playing field.

Spoiler alert, every episode ends with the adults writing a 3 album song cycle about Paris in 1900.
Bearded Boss

Your boss walks up behind you, stroking his beard with both hands. He doesn't say a word. That's right. Keep stroking that beard, old man.

Airs every leap day by popcicle demand.
America's Most Best Face Puncher

Who's gonna win this exclusive competition sponsored by Whole Foods? America, for one.

Never aired due to Gulf War
Little Big Tots Starring Steve Harvey

Legendary comedy man Steve Harvey interviews very big tater tots (ranging in size from 3 lbs to potato Jupiter) in this knee slapping variety hour program.

Sponsored by Fleshlight
New show idea from Jules, partially story boarded:

really support doing more show ideas with video
and audio
Method Man and Redmayne

Veteran rapper Method Man and British actor Eddie Redmayne share an apartment in one of Staten Island's most notorious housing projects in this remake of The Odd Couple (2015).

Created by Redman
Fog Bean

Michael Madsen attempts to locate a green bean in a really foggy room, and man that fog isn't letting up anytime soon.

Presented by RealPlayer 2.0
Bilbo baggins family reality show about his lesser known brothers


They're in a frat for sure.

Maybe have a nerd brother named bobo baggins, if good comedic effect and shows well with test audiences
Explain Your Nipples!
Vietnamese gangsters with a limited understanding of English demand contestants justify the shape, color and texture of their nipples at gunpoint. Cash and prizes frequently invoked but rarely seen.

Reluctant Sponsor: Sephora
Flip Inferno
Cory and Corey Derkins buy an ugly house, flip it, sell it, burn it down, rebuild it, buy it back, live in it for 30 years until it falls into disrepair, then sell it to a house flipper.

Brought to you by Gum Guns chewing gum firearms
(Movie) Can Chuck Talk?

Every time Chuck (Kevin James) is asked a question, someone in his chaotic family speaks for him before he can get a word out! Whether it be his smokin' hot wife (Anna Farris) his precocious 7 year old (tbd), snarky teen (Aubrey Plaza ), brother (Freddie Prinze Jr) or father in law (Tim Allen), Chuck spends the first 70 minutes of this film only speaking the first letter of a word before someone interrupts him. Frustrated with the constant interruptions, Chuck has a chance meeting/altercation in a line at Starbucks with a therapist (Adam Sandler) who promises to help Chuck find his voice. Instead, he ends up hilariously stealing his wife and replacing Chuck in his own family! Movie ends with preview for Paul Blart Prequel: Secret Identity Crisis where we learn that Paul Blart is Chuck, and he's created his new identity to truly find his voice while maintaining security and safety in malls across America!
This legitimately sounds like a real movie that I would watch on TBS this weekend
I want to see this show so bad that I would chew a whole pack of gum guns.

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